Writing Help

See the links below for helpful resources that provide writing guidance.

Focus on Writing: A Sample RU Paper (Prezi interactive resource)
Click through this sample APA-formatted paper, which focuses on best practices in paper writing. Note: Prezi has made some changes recently. For optimum viewing, choose the link for the old version of the Prezi player.
This guide provides an overview of the steps involved in conducting research and writing research papers. Here, you will find general standards, organization techniques, and research tips that you can incorporate into your own research and writing process.
Just as an effective paper is comprised of an introduction with a thesis statement, a body, and a conclusion, effective paragraphs should follow similar logic. One easy tool to use when writing paragraphs is to think of the acronym MEAL— Main idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Link.

MEAL Paragraphs
(RU LibTip, 5:23 minutes)
A short video on writing paragraphs using the MEAL method — Main idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Link.

Keyboard Shortcuts
(RU LibTip, 6:10 minutes)
Learn how to easily cut, copy, paste, and more, using keyboard shortcuts.

Using Paint and Snipping Tool
(RU LibTip, 9:10 minutes)
A tutorial on how to use the snipping and paint tools to capture and insert images into reports and papers.