Student Writing Center Policy

The RU Student Writing Center: For friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable writing and research expertise

The goal of the REALTOR® University Student Writing Center is to help Master of Real Estate students cultivate strong academic writing and scholarly research skills. The Center fosters an interactive experience wherein students engage with librarians to produce quality academic works.

Comprised of several friendly and knowledgeable librarians, the Center offers guidance at any stage of the writing process—from idea formation, outlining, organizing ideas, and formatting, to source selection and citation for graduate level work. While the librarians are not subject matter experts, they are experts of research and can help identify resources to bolster a student’s thesis and supporting statements, and solidify the student’s understanding of a subject. Each librarian has significant professional level writing experience at the master degree level.

The Writing Center is not a proofreading service.  Its goal is to provide guidance on how to solidify ideas into succinct, organized, and persuasive academic works—by helping the student translate assignment requirements into a finished product, improve and strengthen writing skills, and incorporate scholarly research to support the student’s ideas.  The Center’s guidance will help the student develop skills for success today and in the future, whereas proofreading focuses only on the now.


Submissions are limited to works related to assignments in REALTOR® University Master of Real Estate courses—such as papers, reports, projects, group projects, and presentations. The student must use the Writing Center Submission Form to submit a work. To ensure that each submission receives adequate attention, the Center asks that submissions be made early during the student’s course; the Center cannot guarantee addressing every submission during the final weeks of a course session. The Center will handle requests in the order received, and reviewers are assigned based on availability. The Center reserves the right to schedule an appointment with the student if the submission would best be served via a synchronous appointment.

For papers longer than 5 pages, the student will be asked to note which sections the librarian should focus on, as time is limited and librarians may not be able to review the entire paper. Only the first 10 pages (double-spaced) of any submission will be reviewed. Average turnaround time is one business day, but feedback will be provided within a maximum two business days.


The Writing Center’s hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Central Time.


Any comments, revisions, or edits on the Feedback Form and corresponding documents are only suggestions.  It is the student’s responsibility to read, understand, and implement assignment requirements.  As such, it is up to the student to decide what, if any, feedback to incorporate into this assignment.  If the student has any questions about assignment requirements, it is up to him or her to contact the course instructor for clarification.  The Writing Center will not discuss grades or scores or make evaluative comments about assignments or papers submitted to the Writing Center.  In addition, the Writing Center will not be involved in any grade disputes a student may raise with respect to any course or assignment at REALTOR® University.


It is up to the student to maintain records of the submissions—both pre- and post-versions.  The Center will not maintain copies of student submissions after review.


Student privacy is of the utmost importance to the Center.  When a student submits to the Writing Center, his or her work will only be viewed by the librarian(s) assigned to review it.

Page last modified 6/13/2016