Writing Center FAQs

What are the Writing Center’s hours?

The Writing Center’s hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm Central Time. However, check our calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Why use the Writing Center?

The function of the Writing Center is to teach writing and research skills.  Utilizing the Writing Center can help you to:

  • Meet the requirements of graduate level writing.
  • Reduce stress and ameliorate writer’s block.
  • Develop strategies for initiating and completing assignments.
  • Learn techniques to strengthen and refine your writing skills.
  • Identify resources to support your research.
  • Refresh your APA citation skills.

Who can submit to the Writing Center?

Students of REALTOR® University are encouraged to submit works in progress to the Writing Center.

What can I submit to the Writing Center?

We ask that you submit works related to assignments in your Master of Real Estate courses.  These can be papers, reports, projects, group projects, and presentations.

Your submission can be at any point in the writing process—a brainstorming outline, rough draft, final draft.  The more finished the product you submit, the better we are able to provide feedback, but we can provide some guidance on works in the nascent stages of development.

What information should I furnish the Writing Center?

Complete all fields in the Writing Center Submission Form.  Please include any details about what you would like the Center to focus on.

What should I expect from the Writing Center?

Upon receipt of your submission, a librarian will call or email you to confirm receipt and provide you with an anticipated turn-around time.  Your assigned librarian(s) will:

  1. Review the assignment requirements and instructions that you included with your submission.
  2. Read your submission.
  3. Identify strengths in your submission.
  4. Identify areas for improvement in your submission relating to focus, development, organization, and evidence (use of supporting research).
  5. Enter specific suggestions using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool.
  6. Email you a reviewed copy of your paper with comments.

What is the review process?

Librarians will review student papers based on presentation of content and general writing competency.  Content and competency will be addressed through the following considerations:

  • What, if any, questions are raised while reading the paper?
  • Have you addressed the assignment requirements?*
  • Does a section need to be expanded?
  • Is there clarification or reorganization needed?
  • Are citations provided for all evidence?
  • Which sections work particularly well?

*Ultimately, it is up to you to make sure you have addressed all of the requirements of your assignment

Can the Writing Center proofread my papers?

The Writing Center is not a proofreading service.  Our goal is to provide guidance on how to solidify ideas into succinct, organized, and persuasive academic works—by helping you translate assignment requirements into a finished product, improve and strengthen writing skills, and incorporate scholarly research to support your ideas. Our guidance will help you develop the skills for success today and in the future, whereas proofreading focuses only on the now.

Can the Writing Center provide me with guidance on the assignment if I don’t understand the assignment?

The Writing Center’s focus is on helping REALTOR® University students become better writers and improve their writing skills.  The Writing Center does not provide assignment guidance.  For guidance on your assignment, please consult with your professor.

Are there limits to the number of papers and assignments I can submit?

Not at this time.

When can I expect to receive feedback on my submission?

We respond to requests in the order received, so last minute submissions might not receive adequate attention. Average turnaround time is one business day, but feedback will be provided within a maximum two business days. To ensure your requests are handled within a desired time frame, please contact us early in your course to schedule an appointment.