Library Vision and Mission Statement


As the premier library for real estate research, the REALTOR® University Library actively contributes to the advancement of scholarship in the field of real estate by offering world-class library resources and services.


The REALTOR® University Library supports the mission of the REALTOR® University by enhancing the learning, teaching and research needs of faculty, students, staff, alumni and the real estate community.


To meet our mission, we commit to providing access to a 360 degree view of any real estate topic through historical perspectives, current and relevant resources, and multiple viewpoints. We commit to expanding and leveraging the collective body of knowledge of real estate through strategic partnerships with the industry’s top businesses, organizations and institutions. We commit to providing safe, private and welcoming places – both physical and virtual – where library constituents worldwide are free to research and learn. We recognize that as the shape of information changes so do the skills needed to access information, therefore we also commit to teaching information literacy and providing our constituents with scalable and versatile research skills.

As the world’s premier library for real estate research, the library:

  • garners collections and technologies that anticipate and reflect the needs of the library’s constituents,
  • offers dynamic access to a collection of information resources to suit the diverse needs of the library’s many constituents while also meeting the rigorous research needs of the University’s faculty and students,
  • provides revolutionary and cutting-edge services, outreach and instruction,
  • preserves and makes accessible materials rare to the real estate industry, including documentation of the University’s and Association’s histories,
  • ensures library longevity through advocacy, outreach and flexibility, and
  • collaborates with academic communities and industry organizations.

These objectives are realized through the library’s dedicated and highly skilled staff of information professionals. The staff place immense value on customer service, creativity, communication, collaboration, continuity and continuing education. Excelling in roles as researchers and information managers, the staff serve the library as teachers of information literacy, technology innovators, historians, preservationists, subject matter experts and library advocates.