Finding Articles, Journals, & Databases

REALTOR® University faculty, students, and staff enjoy access to the following databases. Search for articles and journals in these databases.

Library Databases

  • Search EBSCO for scholarly journals, trade publications, and news. Contact us for the password.
  • After logging in to EBSCO, click “Company Information” at top-left to gain valuable intelligence on public and private companies.

National Association of REALTORS® Databases

(use your login to access these resources)

  • Search the NAR Government Affairs State Issues Tracker to learn about current real estate issues and requirements in each state.
  • Search NAR’s Legal Pulse to learn about new and emerging issues in real estate law and regulation.

National Association of REALTORS® Archives

  • For instructions on using and searching the National Association of REALTORS® Library archives, click here.
  • Also see the Archives for access to archived Internet-based content.

Other Databases

  • Google Scholar is a free tool one can use to identify academic and scholarly journal articles. If Google has the full text of the article, you will see a PDF link at the right of the search results. If Google does not have the full text of an article you need, try searching for it in the EBSCO database, or contact the RU Library as we may have it in our print collection.

Research Help

See the links below for helpful resources that provide research guidance.

Introduction to EBSCOhost
(EBSCO Tutorial, 4:04 minutes)
Learn about the many features you can use to find articles of interest with the EBSCOhost interface.

Advanced EBSCO Searching
(EBSCO Tutorial, 2:13 minutes)
Learn how to create an advanced search on the EBSCOhost interface.

Using the EBSCOhost Result List
(EBSCO Tutorial, 3:37 minutes)
Learn about the EBSCOhost result list and how to refine your results to get the information you need.

Find articles in EBSCO
(RU LibTip, 2:38 minutes)
A quick tutorial on finding scholarly and peer-reviewed articles using EBSCO, and details how to get APA 6th formatted citations on EBSCO.

Evaluating Sources Using CRAAP Test (RU LibTip, 1:02 minutes)
A quick tutorial to explain how to evaluate authoritative sources of information.

Advanced Google Searching (RU LibTip, 8:30 minutes)
Advanced Google search techniques: Limit Google results by time frame, domain, or file type; drag and drop into Google image search.

Finding Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Sources
(RU Library Video, 8:53 minutes)
A video to explain what “peer reviewed” means and how to find peer reviewed sources.

Conducting the Literature Review
(RU LibTip,12:33 minutes)
A tutorial on conducting the literature review and offers tips on created an annotated literature index, managing RE600 Capstone project documents using Google Docs, and “Citation Chasing.”
This guide provides an overview of the steps involved in conducting research and writing research papers. Here, you will find general standards, organization techniques, and research tips that you can incorporate into your own research and writing process.